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January 2016

Why Don't Catholics Examine Their Faith?

Whenever I meet Roman Catholics, I ask them if they were born into the religion or did they choose it. Almost always they respond that they were born a Catholic. I then ask, “Have you ever examined your faith with the Bible to see if it is true saving faith?” (2 Cor. 13:5) Almost always...

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Pope Declares We Are All Children of God

Pope Francis contends that despite the differing religious beliefs of all people, everyone is a child of the same God.  Are we all the children of God as the pope claims? Tragically, those who do not know the Bible or who refuse to submit to it as the supreme authority for truth, will...

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Grace and Eternity

Grace is a divine provision for men who are so sinfully corrupt that they have no desire for God and no ability to come to Him. Their sin has made them so blind that they cannot see Him, so deaf that they cannot hear Him and so dead they cannot respond to Him. The Lord Jesus said. "Strive to...

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