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February 2017

The Purity of the Gospel

There was an important principle I quickly learned when I worked at Cape Kennedy, Florida in the early ’70’s. When space crafts re-enter the earths atmosphere, the angle of re-entry must be precisely correct. If the re-entry angle is not correct the space ship will either skip off the...

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Who Crushes the Serpent's Head in Genesis 3:15?

INTRODUCTION: The first prophecy in the Bible regarding Christ is in Genesis 3:15. It is an amazing text. Not only is the text ancient but it foretells Christ ending the power of Satan. Scholars call this the “protoevangelium” or “the first mention of the...

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Can Mary Be the Co-Redeemer?

The title of Redeemer is possibly the most precious title of Jesus Christ among His people. It reminds the child of God that his/her salvation has been purchased at the greatest of all costs, the shed blood of God’s perfect man and man’s perfect God. It was the Lord Jesus, not Mary, who...

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Why So Many Denominations?

If the Holy Spirit has sealed every believer at moment of belief, how can people of different denominations all read the same Bible but interpret it so differently? Since we have the same spirit should we not have same conclusion? Jesus founded one church, not many denominations. In fact,...

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Why So Passionate for Truth?

I am often asked how I developed such a passion for the truth. I believe it’s because I never read  the Bible or knew the truth of God’s Word until I was 34 years old. Since I did not know the  truth, I was easily deceived by my religion and I wanted to make sure that I...

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The Gospel is offensive to those who are offensive to God.

Paul didn’t make the Gospel easy to believe in order to suit those trapped in religious deception. He exalted Christ as the all-sufficient Savior and stripped man of all self-reliance, self-righteousness and self-esteem. Paul knew the true Gospel would provoke the wrath of wicked men and...

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