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March 2013

Test Everything To Avoid Deception

God's Word exhorts us to test every spirit,to examine the fruit of every teacher and to test the veracity of every man's teaching (1 John 4:1; Mat. 7 15; Acts 17:11). He also gives us His Word as the infallible standard for knowing truth and exposing error. As the Cardinals gather...

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What Caused the Reformation?

The Reformation's beginning is often credited to Martin Luther for nailing his 95 Theses to the church door in Wittenberg in response to the unbiblical Roman Catholic practice of selling indulgences. While Luther was one of many throughought history who recognized Rome's unbiblical...

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You Must Be Born Again

The Lord Jesus Christ said we must be born again to enter or see the Kingdom of God. In Roman Catholic theology, Catholics must do things to be born again. God's Word says those who receive Jesus by faith were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God....

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Is Apostolic Succession Biblical?

Roman Catholicism teaches that the original apostles ordained bishops as their successors and handed down the power of teaching, sanctifying, and ruling. Now, 2000 years later, they claim to have sole authority over Christ's church with their appointed bishops, the chief of which is the...

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Prudent People Will Examine Their Faith

Whenever I meet Roman Catholics, I ask them if they were born into the religion or if they choose it. Almost always they say they were born a Catholic. I then ask, "Have you ever examined your faith with the Bible to see if it is true saving faith?" Almost always the answer is,...

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