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July 2014

The Offense of the Gospel

Have you noticed that the light of the Gospel has been replaced by the gospel “lite?” Too many well meaning evangelists have taken the offense out of the Gospel to make it more appealing and attractive to more people. Their man-centered gospel exalts man and his importance while...

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Catholics Flocking to Venerate Blood from Dead Pope

The Catholic Church is known for some bizarre practices, but sending a vial of blood from a dead pope on a tour is one of its strangest. Why would Catholics come to venerate the blood of a dead man? It is because the worship of the dead is practiced and commanded in Catholicism. Every Catholic...

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The Crisis of the American Church

The word “crisis” can be defined as a time of great danger or trouble in which decisions must be made to avoid tragic consequences. We are definitely in the midst of a crisis in the professing church. What hope does our nation have if its moral compass - the church - refuses to be the...

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