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September 2015

"Holy Father" or "Father of Lies"

As we watched the non-stop coverage of the pope's visit to America last month, many of the scenes appeared to be apocalyptic. We saw multitudes of people flocking to get a glimpse of a mortal man who was unknown three years ago. The national excitement for this false prophet was overwhelming as...

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False Prophet Praised as Holy Father

Millions of American Catholics have been praising a man who is leading them down the broad road to destruction with a false and fatal Gospel. By the authority of God’s Word, we know the pope is under divine condemnation for preaching a gospel contrary to the Gospel of God. The...

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The Verdict in God's Courtroom

Those who are condemned because they broke God's holy law will one day face divine justice at the great white throne judgment. The only way of escape is to trust God's perfect man and man's perfect God - the Lord Jesus Christ! He satisfied divine justice for all who repent and believe...

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