Roman Catholics believe Peter was the first pope and Pope Benedict XVI was the 266th pope to succeed him on the papal throne. Anyone who looks at the striking contrasts between these two men will know that the Roman Catholic assertions of Peter being their first pope are not true.

Peter was a fellow elder who submitted to Jesus as the head of the Church (1 Pet. 5:1; Col. 1:18). Benedict believes he is the supreme head of the Church with universal power (CCC 882).

Peter taught Christians are born again through the living, abiding Word of God (1 Pet. 1:23). Benedict teaches we are born again through the ritual of baptism (CCC 1213).

Peter taught salvation is by faith in Jesus Christ alone (Acts 4:12). Benedict teaches salvation can gained without Jesus Christ (CCC 841).

Peter taught eternal life is a gift of grace and secured by the power of God (1 Pet. 1:3-5). Benedict taught eternal life is really conditional life which can be attained by merit and lost by mortal sin (CCC 2027, 1035).

Peter knew the Lord Jesus was the rock (1 Pet. 2:7-8). Benedict believed Peter was the rock (CCC 442).

Peter taught Jesus was the guardian of the souls in the church (1 Pet. 2:25). Benedict believed he had supreme and unhindered power over the souls in the church (882).

Peter warned of false teachers who would teach heresies and malign the truth (2 Pet. 2:1-2). Benedict became a false teacher by perverting the Gospel of grace (CCC 969, 1129)

Peter was fallible (Gal.2:11-14). Benedict believed he was infallible (CCC 891).

Peter refused adoration of men (Acts 10:26). Benedict welcomed the adoration of men.

May God grant repentance to Roman Catholics and lead them to a knowledge of the truth that will set them free from religious deception (John 8:31-32).