1. Why are you trusting in your works to justify you when Paul says no human will be justified by them (Rom 3:20)? Is it possible you have misunderstood the context of James 2 and instead James is talking about the "kind" of faith that justifies (that which go on to produce works)?

2. Rom 3:23-25 says we "fall short of the glory of God" in our sin and are "justified by His grace as a GIFT" which is "RECEIVED by faith." Why are you, as someone who doesn't meet the mark, trying to earn that which is already free?

3. What is the point of Paul's reference of Abraham in Romans 4? Why did Abraham have no room to boast (Rom 4:2)? What type of person's faith is counted as righteousness (Rom 4:5)?

4. What are we justified by in order to have peace with God (Rom 5:1)? How do we obtain access to God (Rom 5:2)?

5. Many Catholics claim the biblical gospel put forth by Protestants is "easy believism" and is a "convenient" kind of faith. Paul's addresses this misunderstanding in Romans 6. What is Paul's response to his rhetorical questions inRom 6:1,15?

6. Why do you still believe those who are in Christ must endure Purgatory when Rom 8:1 says there is "NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus?"

7. Why do you believe that a person can be justified, de-justified and rejustified over and over, continually compromising the promise of God when Romans 8:30 is clear that "those who He justified, HE ALSO glorified?" Rom 11:29 goes on to say that "the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable."

8. Why are you trusting in your works to contribute to your faith to justify you when Paul says in Romans 11:6 says "but if it is by grace, it is no longer on the basis of works; otherwise grace would no longer be grace?"

9. What must you do to be saved (Rom 10:9-10)?

Please repent of your works which cannot save you and are an affront on the gospel of grace and turn to God and the finished work of Christ alone.