A few years ago, I felt a burden to share the gospel with a distant relative's ex-husband. In light of his estranged relationship with the family, I was very careful to tread cautiously. I didn't want him to feel judged, so I was very candid about the sin in my past. I shared how in my pride I looked like a model Catholic, but deep down there was a great disconnect in my spiritual life. I then spoke of how I came to understand the gospel of grace through faith and it changed everything (Eph. 2:8-9). The Lord gave me new eyes to see, a near heart for Him, and new conviction of sin in my life. I eventually shifted gears and asked him what he believed. He went on with what was one of the coldest replies I have ever heard.

He told me he believed in evolution and didn't trust humans. He concluded with the statement, "I am the worst kind of human, because I actually am satisfied with the fact that nothing is true and everything is permissible."

I intentionally kept my reply from being defensive or misunderstood and simply addressed a few key areas where Scripture said something contrary to what he was telling me. After about 5 email exchanges, we amicably parted ways. I was discouraged with where he was, but at the same time I knew I had been faithful to share the gospel and biblical truth, leaving the rest up to God.

I continued to lift him up in prayer and to my complete surprise received an email from him 6 months later. His email read, "Jason, I just re-read this and I want to thank you. My heart was hardened then but is open now to the eternal Word of God...The past few months I have come to Him on hands and knees - tired, worn, weak, beaten, possessed even...Thanks, Lord Bless."

We then went on to talk for great lengths about the gospel and everything else related. I was intentional to warn him that a momentary change of heart and conviction does not necessarily mean that one is born again. What he did with this truth he now professed would bear evidence if what he was experiencing was truly a work of God and not just a guilty conscience.

Though initially very cautious, I have since been so encouraged through many of our conversations that followed. In his desire for good biblical teaching, he sought my help in finding a solid biblical church with the greater purpose of growing in conformity to the image of Christ.

I share this impactful story in my life because it has proved to be such a great reminder of what the Lord is capable of when we are faithful. Regardless of the outcome and how much seems stacked against us, we must continually proclaim the Good News. We "know not how" the Lord is going to work but we know we must be faithful to scatter seed as He has commanded (Mark 4:26-27; Matt. 28:18-20).