Remember in Genesis 11:4, the people said "Come, let us build ourselves a city and a tower with its top in the heavens. Today, there is another great city with a great pagan tower that thinks it is the only way to heaven. Vatican City has a 4000 year old pagan obelisk or tower in St. Peter's square. This obelisk comes from Heliopolis, Egypt, where it was built by a Pharaoh in 1835 BC in honor of the sun god. It was brought to Rome in 37 BC by the Emperor Caligula. Pagans saw the obelisk as a symbol that represented a way of communicating to the divine.

This is just one of many examples of the pagan influence of Roman Catholicism throughout its colorful history of idolatry and abominations. Most of the church of Rome's wealth has been acquired through selling indulgences as sin offerings. Priests offer the "body and blood of Jesus" on their altars for a price to get loved ones out of purgatory. The selling of God's grace was the spark the ignited the reformation.

The history of Roman Catholicism also includes the persecution and murder of millions of saints. Thomas Aquinas taught that heretics (non-Catholics), must "be severed from the world by death." Then there were eighty consecutive popes, beginning in the thirteenth century, that created or maintained the cruelest means of torturing heretics (non-Catholics).

On August 24, 1572, St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre in France. approximately 100,000 Protestants were murdered by orders of the pope. Blood flowed like a river throughout the entire country. By the end of the 17th century and into the 18th century, roughly 300,000 Huguenots had to flee France because of persecution by Catholics. This is why France is a godless society today. All told, the RCC has killed fifty million through the centuries.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones wrote, "Roman Catholicism is the devil's greatest masterpiece. It is such a departure from the Christian faith and the NT teaching that her dogma is a counterfeit, she is the whore. Let me warn you very solemnly that if you rejoice in these ecumenical approaches to Rome, you're denying the blood of the martyrs. There are innocent people who are being deluded by this kind of falsity and it is your business and mine to open their eyes."

I don't write these things to be harsh or mean-spirited, only as a warning to the many victims of deception that are held captive by this false religion. They need to come out of her and not participate in her sins any longer.