Have you noticed what usually happens when a Catholic marries a Protestant? Nine out of ten times, the Protestant converts to Catholicism. This has always baffled me. Protestants, who embrace the truth of the Bible, are the first ones to compromise their faith, while Catholics, who are indoctrinated with the errors of their religion, refuse to compromise. 

We must recognize the Roman Catholics Church's ongoing strategy for a one world church is not union with other faiths, but absorption of all faiths. They will not bend on their dogmatic teachings that reject the sufficiency and authority of Scripture. Unity with Rome is strictly a one-way street. A church built on "infallible" declarations by its bishops can never repent. To do so would cause the entire religious system to implode. People of other faiths must compromise their positions to have peace and unity with Rome. This diabolical strategy of ecumenism makes Rome better situated to eliminate gullible opposition for its desired world dominance.