The following blog was written by my dear sister-in-Christ, Shauna Lopez, who I had the pleasure of ministering with at a Dallas abortion clinic. Her insights into the false religion of Catholicism are profound! Aas we engaged Catholics with the Gospel, it was heartbreaking to see how Satan uses religious pride to blind the mind of unbelievers so they cannot see the light of the Gospel or the glory of Christ. They all had a zeal for God but it was not based on biblical knowledge. They were seeking their own righteousness because they did not know that the righteousness of God requires perfect righteousness. When the Catholics could not take any more biblical truth, they left in disgust because we had violated their space with the light of the Gospel. On the way home I thought of this paradox. The Catholics were opposing abortion so that babies could live physically but remain spiritually dead with their false gospel. We were there in hopes that babies could enjoy both physical and spiritual life. Following is Shauna's blog...

Our mission is not to save babies, it is to preach the Gospel, that is the power of God unto salvation (Romans 1:16). On a recent visit to a local clinic, we were met with a great need for the Gospel. I was there, with four of my children, and a sidewalk full Catholic pro-lifers. These were the regular assemblage, about ten to twelve individuals, who routinely kneel and recite prayers, sing hymns of veneration to Mary, and read their missalette, on the side of the clinic building. There are some who come, and sprinkle water around, that they have deemed Holy. Some come carrying large crosses, with Jesus suspended from the top, to pray, a hand full of beads, in tow. Though these Catholics are faithful servants, I have never seen, nor heard, them share Truth. In fact, they have little to no contact with anyone going in, or out, at all, except to give them a pamphlet, offering help and services for the baby.  They are pleasant, though their faces are empty, as they drone out, their regurgitated prayers, to the bricks. I normally spend most of my time at the clinics calling out to the women going in, beckoning them to come out, to repent and believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ, offering help for them and their pre-born baby. I often plead with the abortionist and the clinic employees, to repent for the evil they are perpetrating.

But this particular day, my heart was especially burdened for these Catholic emissaries. I was over-wrought with the thought, of these poor lost souls, believing they are saved, and knowing, that because they have believed a different gospel (Galatians 1:8), they will hear "Depart from Me, I never knew you.." (Matthew 7:21-23). My heart began to grieve for them, and I knew, I could no longer stand by and let them perish without warning. I called for reinforcements, and was glad when they arrived. We approached our Catholic friends, out of love and concern for their souls. We give the Gospel indiscriminately, it is for all those who are perishing, even, and especially, to those who claim to believe. To say that they were resistant, to the Truths of the Bible, we were sharing, is being generous. They were venomous in their retorts. They railed against us, telling us to leave and go away. Their once cheerful countenance turned to anger, even rage, at our audacity to plead with them to repent. We shared Scripture, asked them questions and were met with dismissal. I could almost tangibly see the scales over their eyes, as they stiffened their necks to the Truth of Christ. Most troubling was their willingness to serve, not only next to me, but with me. They were happy to see me, initially, and thanked me for being there. But why? Didn't they care about me, my soul? If they believe, according to their own documents, that I, as a protestant am anathema - read, damned to hell (Canon IX, Council of Trent, Sixth Session [1547], Decree Concerning Justification), then why aren't they pleading with me to repent and believe their Gospel? The reality is, they are not there for the souls of others, they are there for their own. The work they do, has absolutely nothing to do with the Gospel. They need works to free them or their loved ones from purgatory, to complete the unfinished work of Christ, and this is one, of the many means, in which, they've deemed, accomplishes this end. They claim they are on mission from God, however, according to The Bible, the only mission, given to those who believe, is to go and make disciples (Matthew 28:19). If they, or anyone who professes to believe, seek to help those in the world, who are perishing, and we fail to give them the Gospel, the only thing that will truly serve them, then it is a mere humanitarian endeavor, not a mission. It serves no one. But here is the real, hard truth -  I would rather these and other Catholics, say nothing. I would rather they not speak up. Their Gospel is false and it will send those who are deceived by it to hell. And though I long to see all babies, set for slaughter, to be saved, I do not wish to see it, if it compromises the Gospel- it's that important. Fellow servants, our aim and our end must be to preach Christ and Him crucified. Though a baby be saved, he is no better off without the Gospel. It is the Gospel that saves! If you believe, do not neglect the Gospel. There is no power behind your service with out it. We can not, pragmatically, link arms with those who oppose the Biblical Gospel. We must make our objective Biblical. It must be to proclaim Christ. To give others anything less, though it may meet their temporal needs, is to fail them. Give them encouragement, give them services, but give them Christ!
Romans 10:14-15