The formation of a one-world “church” has a new partner. The December issue of Christianity Today promotes Pope Francis as “the vicar of simple gospel truths.” Its  cover story is, “Pop Francis: Why Everyone Loves the Pope.” The magazine calls Rome’s Pope Francis the “pop” or daddy of Christianity. The subtitle says, “From secular journalists to charismatic Christians, millions are taken with the Jesuit from Argentina.” This report demonstrates the grwoing spiritual blindness of Christianity Today, which was founded in 1956 by Billy Graham. The CT report says evangelical Protestants “need a healthy Catholic church as an ally.” It affirms the previous pope's declaration that the Roman Catholic Church is “the church” and other churches have no right to call themselves the church. It says the Second Vatican Council moved the Catholic Church in a more biblical direction.  It treats “Saint Francis of Assisi” as a Christ-centered, evangelical, ignoring the fact that he embrace the false and fatal sacramental gospel of a works-righteiousness salvation. Christianity Today wrongly states that “poverty is the surest path to God.”