Evangelicals are commemorating the twentieth anniversary of Evangelicals and Catholics Together (ECT) by declaring it continues to bear good fruit in its witness of Jesus Christ and the gospel. One of the original signers, Timothy George, Dean of Beeson Divinity School, has issued the  first of a series of articles to keep ECT moving forward. Another one of the original signers, Tom Guarino, professor of theology at Seton Hall University,  in his article, ECT At Twenty: A Joint Witness to the Gospel, said Evangelicals and Catholics "have deepened our identity as brothers in Christ, discovering, despite our theological differences, important patterns of similarity and union in our fundamental Christian beliefs." Musing on the future of ECT, he wrote: "Proclaiming the gospel in a society that has forgotten its moral foundations will continue to be a significant task of Evangelicals and Catholics Together. " He added:  If contemporary culture is to be renewed, it must be led by Evangelicals and Catholics, with their firm commitment to the truth of the gospel." Guano urged Catholics and Evangelicals to reflect on the "Reformation, whose five hundredth anniversary is almost upon us...which can deepen our spiritual and theological communion."

Mike's Comment: Evangelical leaders, who cannot discern between truth and error, continue to be seduced by the Vatican's attempt to unite all professing Christians under papal authority. The Vatican knows it must silence all who stand opposed to ecumenical unity and it has employed an effective strategy to do so. Using social and moral issues as common ground to promote unity, the Vatican believes this ecumenical dialogue will prepare the way for "separated brethren" to return to the "one true church." 

Evangelicals who continue to embrace Roman Catholics as "proclaimers of the true Gospel" and "brothers in Christ" must be confronted and soundly rebuked for their treason against the kingdom of God's beloved Son. By their willful compromise they either do not know  about the exclusivity of God's gospel or they are ignorant of the false and fatal gospel of Roman Catholicism.