Two of our subscribers wrote the following letter to the Executive Director of the Manhattan Declaration asking that their names be removed as signatories. You will not believe the response they received. 

PLEASE REMOVE OUR NAMES IMMEDIATELY FROM THIS FALSE AND MISLEADING DECLARATION! At the time we signed this declaration many years ago, we did not know that its agenda was really promoting "ecumenicalism" and a movement to bring all faiths together as "ONE"!  NO!!! You cannot unite authentic biblical Christianity with other false apostate religions (i.e., Roman Catholicism, Islam, etc.) Now that we know what is really going on, we DO NOT want to be associated in any form or fashion with this false and dangerous movement! We are going to spread the word to everyone we know that this is an unbiblical movement designed to help facilitate the "one world religion" and "all roads lead to Rome"! MAY IT NEVER BE! Please remove our names from this declaration immediately and provide documentation to us that you have done so by return email.

Sincerely, Bobby & Carolyn Grimes

Following is the response from the Exective Director of the Manhattan Declaration 

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Grimes,

As the head of the Manhattan Declaration, I am always grateful to those who are acutely aware of the issues facing the Church today, and the nation. You obviously care deeply about truth, and yearn to see the Truth made known. I do, too. In the name of truth, please allow me to correct a lie you've been told regarding the mission and values of the Manhattan Declaration. We are a Christian organization, and believe the Bible alone is sufficient for all wisdom and understanding. Our commitment to the principles of life, marriage, and religious liberty stems from the Word of God. We believe these principles are outworkings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; they are not the Gospel, but implications of it.

It is simply a lie that our movement is an attempt to unite different faith traditions as one. Indeed, From the beginning we have denied Muslim, Mormon, Jewish, and others from signing because we are an explicitly Christian organization. While we do recognize the many denominations that comprise the orthodox Christian tradition, we are explicit that we unite on behalf of life, marriage, and liberty in spite of our differences. We do not color over those differences or pretend they aren't real, and meaningful. We simply agree to disagree about the "peas and carrots" because we share a core common belief in the essentials of Christian faith.

I don't know who told you otherwise, but I am aware there are a number of ignorant, angry rabble rousers who regularly lie about us to serve their small, twisted propagandas. Some are filled with hate for those who don't comply with their own specific version of Christianity. These fools harm and hinder the Gospel, and are in for a rude awakening upon meeting The Lord. I hope you steer clear of them. Others are simply misinformed, or uninformed. Though theirs is the lesser evil, it is still unacceptable and harmful to the cause of Christ. I hope you will push back, and educate them as to the true nature of the Manhattan Declaration. It's too important to become lost in a lie.


Eric Teetsel
Executive Director, Manhattan Declaration
Office (703) 554-8602
Mobile (202) 306-6266
P.O. Box 1396
Ashburn, VA 20147