Amillennialism teaches that the binding of Satan, described in Revelation 20, has already occurred and that he is not deceiving the nations any longer. This is really hard to understand when we see Satan's greatest counterfeit and crown jewel, the Roman Catholic Church, is deceiving every nation on earth with its false and fatal gospel. 

Can anyone tell me why some evangelicals hold to the same amillennial position on eschatology as the apostate Roman Catholic Church holds? We needed the Reformation to correct Rome’s fatal position on Soteriology. Perhaps we need another Reformation to correct Rome’s errant position on Eschatology. Yes, amillennialism was the dominant view of the Protestant Reformers, but only because the Reformers focused on the five solas of justification and not the end times. 

It is easy to see why Catholicism rejects the rapture of the church because it opposes its money-making dogma of Purgatory. However it is hard to understand why evangelicals, who hold to amillennialism, deny the rapture that is clearly taught in 1 Thes. 4:13-18; 1 Cor. 15:51-54 and John 14:1-3. 

How can some amillennialists believe the tribulation took place in 70 AD when the Lord Jesus said, “there will be such tribulation as has not been from the beginning of the creation that God created until now, and never will be” (Mark 13:19)? Do they really believe the destruction of the temple and the city of Jerusalem in 70 AD was a greater tribulation than the global flood or any of the world wars? 

Can any amillennialist defend their position without allegorizing the Scriptures?