Catholics say we would not have the Bible if it were not for the Catholic Church who gave us the canon. We must inform them that the canon was determined by God and discovered by man. The church did not create the canon, it simply recognized the letters that were already accepted as Scripture by the first century church. We have proof that letters were circulated and accepted before the canon was formally established. Paul wrote: "After this letter has been read to you, see that it is also read in the church of the Laodiceans" (Col. 4:16).

To collect various letters and books of Scripture into one volume was the task given to Christians already converted to Christ by the Word of God. These early Christians did not give us the Word of God. The Word of God gave us these early Christians. They were under conviction and illumination of the Holy Spirit from the writings of the Apostles and oral teachings of Jesus long before any Council pieced together the Bible. Hence, the Word of God established the Church.

The actual gathering together of the Scriptures into one volume took place in God's providence, under the supervision, persuasion, and conviction of the Holy Spirit. Christians labored together to identify spurious letters and keep them out of the canon. We have confidence that the canon contains only the books with divine inspiration.