Roman Catholics are utterly dependent upon their priests to dispense salvation through sacraments. Their salvation can be lost by mortal sin and regained through the sacraments of penance and the sacrifice of the Mass. Even after death, Catholics still rely on their priests to make Eucharistic sin offerings to get them out of purgatory. No one can say how many Masses must be purchased before the deceased can escape the purifying fires of purgatory. Ultimately the faith of Catholics is not in God but in their religion, the sacraments and other mediators.

The sources of Catholic faith are external to the Bible such as man-made traditions, Catechisms, new papal revelations, apparitions, and early church fathers. Their salvation message is a cleverly crafted counterfeit that compromises the true Gospel by appealing to the works of the flesh. It is accomplished through the will of man using physical means in an attempt to produce spiritual results. Eternal life is never secured because it depends on what man does for God instead of what God has done for man. It is powerless to save but easy to believe.