Pope Francis has no idea how good he has been for our ministry to 1.2 billion Catholics during his three years in the Vatican. Every time he makes a bizarre statement, we get calls from news 
networks and radio directors asking us to respond. This has provided great opportunities for us to make our evangelistic resources known to a larger segment of our population. 

It is fascinating to see how popular this pope has become when you consider that he opposes historic Roman Catholicism and the Bible. Some would say he is loved by the world because he 
is so humble. Really? Along with his well-documented foot washings, he also usurps the honor and authority of the Lord Jesus. He shamelessly steals the title Head of the Church which is reserved for the only One who suffered and died for the church. He wears the title Holy Father and claims to have supreme and unhindered authority over all people, even to the extent of condemning with anathema those who do not submit to the church’s “infallible” dogmas.

The most diabolical activity of this self-proclaimed Vicar of Christ is when he deceives people with a false and fatal gospel that shuts the gates of heaven to those who want to enter. This is why we have such love and compassion for Catholics who do not even know they are being deceived.