By God’s sovereign grace and by His enabling power, we are praising Him for the work He accomplished through us in 2016.  But now we press forward, knowing there are many who need to hear the pure and glorious Gospel of Christ. We are reminded that, although salvation is a sovereign work of God, He has given  the members of His church the royal privilege and awesome responsibility of being ambassadors for Christ. 

As we joyfully begin our 27th year of serving the King of kings through the ministry He has entrusted to us, we are filled with gratitude and thanksgiving for His undeserved grace and abundant mercy.  We praise God for the power of His Word which produces fruit that will glorify Him throughout all eternity. What a joy it has been to see those who were once dead 
in sin come alive in Christ as the incorruptible seed of His Word finds fertile soil in their hearts! What a joy it has been to see the truth of God’s Word set so many captives free from the bondage of religious deception. 

We also continue to rejoice in the new purpose for living God gave us when He adopted us into His eternal family. While we recognize how far we fall short of the example Christ set 
for us, we ask your prayers that we will purge our minds from worthless matters and worldly pursuits. Our chief desire is to invest our times on the things that are eternal, the Word of God 
and the souls of men.