While it was tragic for the people of France to have lost a National Symbol, I could not help but reflect on what the Notre Dame Cathedral actually represents. For over 800 years it has been a place where Roman Catholic priests have committed the most serious sin of idolatry by lifting up a wafer and worshipping it as the physical body and blood of Jesus Christ. Denying the words of our blood-stained Savior, "It is fininished." Rome continues on an altar what Jesus finished on the cross. Above Notre-Dame’s altar is a ten-foot-tall carving of Mary with the dead body of Jesus in her lap. This has major theological significance because Rome teaches that Jesus is immolated during each Mass. “As often as the sacrifice of the Cross by which our Pasch has been sacrificed is celebrated on the altar, the work of our redemption is carried out” (CCC, para. 1364). In other words, at every Mass, the priest summons Christ to be re-presented to continue the work of redemption. 

Notre Dame represents the center of Roman Catholicism in France, whose members were responsibile for slaughtering 100,000 Bible-believing Christians on St. Bartholomew’s Day in 1572. The reason for the massacre of the Protestant Hugenots was utterly appalling! It was because the Roman Catholic religion feared it was losing control over the souls of men who were being set free by the Word of God (John 8:31-32).

Notre-Dame was consecrated to the Virgin Mary when Mariolatry was gaining popularity in Europe. The veneration of Mary is widespread at Notre-Dame. One painting shows Jesus handing her a scepter, while an angel sets a crown on her head. depicting Mary is the Queen of Heaven. Pope Leo XIII said in an encyclical on September 22, 1891, “As no man goeth to the Father by but by the Son, so no man goeth to Christ but by His Mother.”Alphonsus Ligouri, a saint and doctor of Rome, wrote Mary is ‘the only hope of sinners,’ for by her help alone can we hope for the remission of sins 

The Cathedral also hosted fake relics said to be the crown of thorns worn by Christ and a piece of wood that was part of His cross. How tragic it is to see Catholics venerate fake relics of Christ while paying little attention to His infallible, inspired, authoritative Word that brings forth life to those who believe it.