The Vatican's obsession with pagan idols and statues of goddesses is causing a growing controversy among Catholic clergy. Carved images of a naked pregnant Amazonian woman became symbols of controversy during the recent Amazon Synod of Catholic bishops. A video of the ceremony shows Francis blessing the statue of the naked goddess before receiving it as a gift from Amazonian clergy. 

This has cause some disgruntled Catholics to issue a formal protest. More than 100 distinguished Catholic clergy and scholars from across the world have issued a formal protest by signing a petition. The protest condemns the "sacrilegious and superstitious acts" of the "successor of St. Peter." The signatories declared, "We respectfully ask Pope Francis to repent publicly and unambiguously of these objectively grave sins and of all the public offenses that he has committed against God and the true religion, and to make reparation for these offenses." The pope responded with what has been described as a rebuke to his critics. He said: "When you talk badly about someone you destroy them. The tongue is a fearsome weapon - gossip kills, slander kills, but the jealousy and the envy of the one destroyed the other."

There is another controversy brewing over a pagan idol that was placed at the entrance of Rome's Colosseum nine days before the Amazon Synod began. The statue is a reconstruction of the wicked deity Moloch, who was associated with human sacrifice and worshipped in pagan religions. Some Catholics are distressed that the pagan god Moloch has been erected at the entrance to the Colosseum, where Christians were tortured and executed for the entertainment of the pagan crowds. What makes this even more shocking is that the Colosseum is owned and controlled by the Vatican. 

You can listen to Jimmy DeYoung of Prophecy Today and Mike Gendron discuss the implications of the pope's bizarre behavior on his weekly radio broadcast.