"I have set the Lord always before me!" Psalm 16:8

With the Lord always before us...our faith will be strong, our hope will be sure, our love will be evident, our humility will be constant and our praise will be heavenly.

Let us, therefore, set the Lord always before us, to meditate upon His love, grace, and goodness; to admire His holiness, creation and justice; to commune with Him, as our loving Father, good Shepherd and glorious Savior.

Then we shall not fear men, dread death or be overcome by life's trials. Our confidence will be strong, our peace will be real

It is when we take our eye off the Lord, and look to self that  our doubts and fears arise.

Let us, therefore, look away from self, away from the world and above our trials and look simply to Jesus! This is the way to enjoy peace,  grow in grace, and abound in every good work.