The glorious promise of the Gospel is eternal, everlasting life. This divine assurance can be offered unconditionally because of all that Christ has DONE to save believers completely and forever. Yet, over half of "professing" Christians deny the assurance of eternal life because they have been deceived by "another" gospel. They have embraced a works-based salvation, which perpetuates the fatal lie that you must DO good works and perform religious rites and rituals to be accepted by God. They fail to understand that finite men, with their limited capabilities, could never cancel their own eternal sin debt. What man could never DO, the eternal Son of God has DONE. The eternal sin debt was nailed to His cross (Col. 2:13-14). Thus man's only hope is to exchange his worthless religion for an eternal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Eternal security and the assurance of salvation can only be realized when a person's faith is based on the Lord Jesus Christ alone and what He has DONE.